Friday, September 08, 2006

Where to begin?

Ok, here goes. After much thought, I decided that it was about time I jump on the ever popular Blogging Bandwagon... so here I am, it's almost 10pm on an ordinary Friday night, posting my very first blog. I am so excited, I can hardly stand it. I have so much to say, and have no idea where to start. Lets see...where to begin.....I'll start with a little about myself. Like most of us, I wear many hats. I am a Christian, a perfectionist, a mother, daughter, sister and wife, an artist, and professionally, a Realtor Associate for RE/MAX I LOVE photography and I love the fabulous art of scrapbooking. I am a free spirit, a little obsessive, compulsive, a bit insecure and confident all at once. My goal for the next half of my life is to tackle the lengthy "To Do" list I have so diligently been creating for the last 29 years.

I have a beautiful daughter, whom just celebrated her 1st birthday. She is my precious Bella Moon, truly my pride and joy. I have the most awesome, loving and hardworking Husband, Kevin (KP). They both are my inspiration!

One full moon night, I was maybe 3 months pregnant. Out of the blue, and very humorously, KP looked up at the bright beautiful moon and uttered something silly about the moon. We laughed about it all the way home. Somehow the name stuck and ever since we have called our daughter "Bella Moon." To this day, we are occasionally a.k.a. "The Moon Family".....Jilly, KP & Bella Moon. I just love how sometimes even the smallest or silliest thing can create the most special memory. So in you can see, because of them; I will forever be a girl who is ecstatically "Over the Moon."

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