Sunday, June 24, 2007

4th of July Banner **KIT**

eta: my banner is finished--Yay!!

Couple things... The banner is up in my etsy shop, and I decided to stick to a nice round number I am listing them at $45.00 and totally worth it, you'll see!! Check out the offer, good today and tomorrow only....

In the meantime, I thought you might be waiting for a couple photos of my completed banner (see below). It really is lovely and turned out better than I expected! I will fit right in with the holiday spirit on the 4th, won't you join me? :)

You gals are too cute :) I am pleased to know you are anxiously awaiting to see what I have been cookin'.

This fun little lovely has been an idea in the making for quite some time, I am excited to reveal the *almost* end product! I hope you enjoy it also! I know the photo was a bit more than just a peekie, but yes I have designed a festive 4th of July Banner. Seems these pennant style banner are all the rage this season, and since I am quite fond of them myself and have decided to get extra *happy* this 4th.

Some of you know that occasionally I teach classes at my LSS Youngplay Memories. Also the place where the fabulous Kristina Contes will be appearing for some scrappy teaching the weekend after next....soooo excited! Ok, so back to the banner.... I had initially planned to do a class creating this banner, but I ended up using fabric instead of PP (patterned paper). Although no sewing is required, you could surely add more stitches if desired. The kit will come complete with everything you see in the main photo. Please note that as a final touch, I will be stitching around the perimeter of each triangle piece with an eye popping white thread. I have not completed mine yet, (hopefully tomorrow) and I will be posting more photos when I have mine finished. It's SUPER cute, and I am sure you too will love it to pieces!

I have only a small number of kits, and I will be posting a few for sale in my etsy shop tomorrow afternoon at around 4pm PST. Believe me when I say they are a steal at $47.50 a kit. You would not believe the amount of work I have dedicated to make certain that this lovely project is just perfect. A full color set of directions with photos will be included with each kit purchase.

Wishing you a lovely and fun-filled Sunday afternoon. We'll see ya tomorrow :)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day.... We LOVE you!!!

Happy Father's day to my honey and the best daddy ever!

We love you...xo