Wednesday, May 30, 2007

and the winner is...

drumroll please............

it's kathleen....yay!!

Please e-mail me your addy to

Funny though, I just have to make clear that kathleen's name did not go into the jar 4 times. Heehee! I can just imagine... we all have a little impatience when blogger acts up don't we? lol!

Thanks so much to everyone for playing along, you ladies have some kickin' scrappy talent. Way to go chicks!!

I do wish everyone could be a winner today. Until then, I am happy to have provided some of you with a good "kick in the pants!"

Happy day friends!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Make it Colorful **RAK update**

I just love an RAK, it sure does feel good to give happily!

Let me see, can I tempt you even more? I am offering up some fun little things here, Heidi Swapp tapes, KI stamps (note to self set), MME rub on's, color pencils--stamped with my motto for this RAK, "make it colorful." Ribbon bundle, strips of fabric, note pad and of course my all time favorite little sugary treat--Smarties!

What am I babbling for, here is a full-on peek at the goodies up for grabs...

So come on, you know you want to join the fun!**Because of the holiday, I have decided to draw the winner on Wednesday afternoon PST** :)

Have a lovely holiday weekend friends!

all my best... xo

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

**RAK involved challenge** fun stuff...

I've been thinking, I figure that I average about 10 days (and maybe more) between postings. What a bad blogger I have been. Blogging will usually get the shaft, as there is always something else taking precedence. But.... man oh man, I do miss you gals!! :)

No complaints here, I have been scrapping almost everyday since Friday. Thanks KP!! I finally had a moment to pick up a kit, or two and have some fun. Only after I froze in a moment of overwhelming kit compulsion. Here I was thinking that I hadn't opened a kit in forever, truth be told it was just since January. Since splurging back in February, I thought it was about time I unpack some goodies. Each of the fabulous add-on's were a must have that month. Needless to say, I immersed myself in a colorful frenzy this past weekend and opened up both March's Rock Star and February's Funky Town.

February has to be my favorite month so far, I am so in love with all the colors!

Back to my overwhelming-ness, I had no idea where to begin. Oddly uncharacteristic of me, but true this time. I pay close attention to the message boards and often read "kit addiction confessions," stories of unopened kits piling up, etc., etc., etc... You get the picture.

Without fail, each month I really look forward to the DT gallery at Poppy Ink. So that's where I started my creative process this time. There is some ultra fabulous talent out there, I especially love the way Heather embellishes. Of course, that got me thinking. I never quite bring myself to actually "use" my embellies, and I mean really "use" them up. Why is it that we have a tendency to want to hoard these pretty little lovelies? After all they were made to be seen right?

The following LO's I shamefully scraplifted almost to a "T" This first one is from Heather's March gallery.

this one too...Can you say copy cat... this one here is a lift of the lovely Amber Skolinick. It's a fact, I worry about EVERYTHING. I loved everything about this and the message fit perfectly, thanks Amber!!

Here's my challenge:

Right now, quit saving and hoarding. Unleash your inner creative genius. If you have any unopened kits, pick one and by golly use and abuse your stuff. If you get stuck, try scraplifting from the galleries. Embellish to you hearts content, and then some, and then some more. Upload your work somewhere and post a link to it here in the comments section. On Tuesday afternoon I will randomly draw a name for the fabulous RAK anxiously awaiting a new home! RAK is open to all, not just those with un-opened kits and hoarders alike, anyone can participate!! Excited to see what you bring, have some fun and remember embellish it up!!

So now you know, I had the best time scraplifting a few of the gallery LO's, even just taking bits and pieces.... it was just the jump start I needed to get going again. Thanks PI, you rock!

**RAK is a darling little shirt (also PI inspired). It is a lime green with silver and grey owlies, sz Med. I bought myself one and thought what a great little RAK it would make. Also, I have done some serious spring organizing/cleaning around here, you can be sure that I will include a few fun scrappy items too! Think Heidi Swapp, new KI stamps, ribbon, laces, flowers and even some fabric snippets!

Last but not least, be sure to check out my etsy shop, I finally had a chance to upload some new items. Which I hope to be able to do on a more regular basis. I have lowered my prices altogether. Check out the three standard size totes down marked down to $25 a pop, woot-woot for a bargain! TFL :)

Happy creating and sweet dreams...


Monday, May 14, 2007

Make a Wish...

To all my dear friends, here's wishing that your Mother's Day was overflowing with love and joy!

To my Mother, the best Mother a girl could ask for. Thank you for loving me, teaching me to love myself and others and showing me the ways of life. You are truly the reason behind who I am today, I love you more than words!

First was Church, then came brunch, and then it was back home where I indulged in a long overdue nap. With my second wind, I opted for some scrappy fun. I spent the second half of Mother's Day being creative and crafty. Had a chance to break open my Jenni Bowlin Kit... especially love the combo of colors this month.

Sweet dreams... xo

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Just Having Fun!

Ah yes, I have been busy....busy in general, some things never change. But there is always time for fun, after all it is rule #1. So, all three of us went out and about to work on completing assignment #3, for my photography class. Here is proof...

So tell me, (aside from the cutie model) don't you just love my fabulous metal chair? Perfect "prop" for photography wouldn't you agree?

Last week my dear friend Corie called me while out running her errands, she had just left her neighborhood and spotted a pile of what looked to be items that a neighbor would be getting rid of. She told me that on her way back home, if he was still out working/cleaning his garage she would ask, that if he was throwing it away, could she have it. She explained to me that it had my name written all over it, she knew with my "craftiness" that I'd be able to give it a new life, paint it pretty, etc..

Much to my delight, she was able to snag this old chair for me, and warned that it was in need of TLC. Later that day I stopped by her house to pick it up, and I was beyond thrilled at just how "me" it truly was. I LOVED it at first sight. It is the most beautifully distressed piece of turquoise metal on earth. Gift's like this are one in a million, thanks Corie! I promise to give it all the TLC in the world, but I think I'll leave it just the way it is.