Monday, March 26, 2007

Angler in Heaven

We had a fun-filled and productive weekend, besides stocking up on more landscaping whatnot's, which I am dying to share with you. I wanted to take pictures today, but as it turns out the weather woman was right, and it rained all afternoon. Although I refused to comply completely and managed to stay in flip flops all day. Can you tell I have a serious case of Spring fever? Anyone else feeling it as well?

Back to the events of the weekend, so we took a break on Saturday afternoon and headed to the Delta in Stockton to watch the weigh in at Weber Point for the "Duel in the Delta" tournament sponsored by the Bassmaster Elite Series. KP is an avid angler himself and was in true heaven this weekend. It was an altogether good time, we watched about 50 pro angler's and 50 co-angler's (amateur angler's from all over the US, many from local town's right here in the valley) weigh in one at a time. They narrowed down the top 50 to the 12 elite. Those 12 took on the waters of the San Joaquin Delta on Sunday for the final day, where California native and fan favorite Aaron Martens took first including a pocket full of change over $100,000.
After the weigh in we had a chance to mingle and shake hands with some of Bass fishing's top anglers. We met so many awesome anglers and some of our favorites included Skeet Reese, Aaron Martens, Kevin VanDam, rookie Derek Remitz, and longtime pro Denny Brauer.

Bassmaster Rookie Derek Remitz, it was easy to see he wasn't quite used to all the hype of being a pro angler, not just yet anyway. He ended up placing 2nd in the three day event, way to go Derek!

Tournament first place went to California native and fan favorite Aaron Martens.

Also a fan favorite and California native, Skeet Reese.
At the end of day 3 the 12 elite anglers gathered on stage for photos. I caught this shot as they were leaving to prepare for day 4, the final day. Can't wait for next year, KP has plenty of time to prepare himself to participate as a co-angler, especially since he rocks the Delta waters. I have encouraged him to apply, I mean how awesome would it be to see him live a dream? I would honestly love nothing more that to see him on that stage next year. If anyone deserves a shot at this it's him, KP=Good Man.

Sweet dreams my friends...xo

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Life is Good...

A wise friend once told me "Life will get back to good, it always does." And she was right. Not that life was really bad, on a scale from 1-10 I was feeling at about a 5.5. I'll be honest, the ups and downs of life can sometimes really get the best of you. I desire so much to thank each of you individually for your wisdom, support, kind words, prayers and most of all your friendship, you all are just too much sometimes. Too much in the most awesome way. Really, it boggles my mind sometimes what unique and sincere friendships a girl can have with so many miles in between. In reality I have never been face to face with many of you amazingly incredible women, and the fact that our friendships can grow and thrive is just an incredible thing to me.

On the home front we are doing very well. It's a process I tell you, and it sounds like some of you know just what I mean when I say this. Like with anything, I have my good days and my bad days, however mostly though I am copacetic with my emotions. You can imagine that some days it's easier and other days I search tirelessly to find that clear and present answer. All the while, getting there slowly.

You want to hear something really just too cool for words? I wish so much to do this gesture justice, so please bear with me... KP and I belong to a small group through church, it's a "Young Marrieds" group that we adore dearly. Our good friends Bret and Kim from the group dropped by yesterday evening to bring "a little something" for us. Well, I admit to having myself a long overdue break down, I was so moved by this "little something." It was the most delicate (I had to measure it as precise details are a must for this compassionate gesture). This precious 16"x19" blanket was hand knitted by Bret's mother. The most beautiful decorative pattern all in a soft white yarn. I am not sure if just a coincidence, but I couldn't help but relate the white yarn to that of the purity and innocence of an unborn child. Come to find out, she knits these small beauties for a local hospital, they are given to the families of still born and miscarried babies. It was wrapped up so sweetly and adorned with a tag that read so simply, so poignant "In Remembrance of Baby Paddack." It was one of the most divine things that ever touched my heart.

On another note, we have been busy enjoying the most beautiful spring like weather here in the valley. We have been spending any extra time we have in what will soon be our very own backyard oasis. We have lived in our home for three years this month and we are finally completing our backyard work in progress. We have had a wonderful patio for about a year now, but without grass and all the dazzling extras it was just no fun. Needless to say I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute shopping for all the necessities, of course. String lights, (you know the kind you see adorning lavish wedding tents). I have always loved the look of simple small light bulbs hanging from a draped wire and I am determined to incorporate that into our yard. New cushions for our patio furniture, lantern style landscape lighting.

Ummm, did I mention hubs is an electrician, in case I didn't... three cheers for my awesome hubby who is the most hardworking and completely handy man I know, lucky me!
Bella is having a ball helping Daddy with the "pinklers." She has never been so filthy in her 19 months as she has the past week, but oh what fun she is having. For a moment I cringe at the dirt and grime, all in the same moment my heart is filled with happiness while I watch her at play without a care in the world. Life is too short (I think to myself) she will spend plenty of time in her life "clean and proper." Dig in Missy, dig in!

So, although the leftovers around her face tell another story, note be made that we discovered real quick that she's not too crazy about the taste of mud pies. Guess I don't blame her!

Sweet dreams my friends, xo

Monday, March 05, 2007

Babies are Miracles

I have received a few messages with well wishes and wonderings of where I have been. I have always said that I truly appreciate those of you who look out for me and who miss me when I am gone for too long. Thank you for your concerns. I admit I have been avoiding my blog and just how I was to say the following to all of you. So here goes.

A little over a week ago on the 21st I went in for my 10 week pre-natal appt. to find out that one of two things may be going on with my pregnancy. One, that I may not be as far along as we initially thought. Or, the other being that I may not be carrying a viable fetus that at some point stopped growing, resulting in a miscarriage. The news was shocking and in an instant fear and anxiety consumed me. I would take an hcg (hormone) test that day and follow up with a second test on Friday morning. A comparison of the two tests would uncover the truth. In the meantime, all we could do was sit and wait. The evening before this appt. Kevin and I attended a pre-natal class (one which we had taken before while pg with Bella) in that class were several women pregnant with their 2nd and some their 3rd, it is mandatory with Kaiser that you take this series of classes with every pregnancy. Ironically, one of the first questions they ask you in this class is what are your concerns if any. Most everyone answered the same, fear of miscarriage. I never thought in a million years that would become our reality. Friday came and after a long drawn out day of anxiously waiting for the Dr. to call, we accepted a late phone call with the sad news, my levels had gone down and I had miscarried.

In between all of this I was attempting to pack for our trip to Hawaii, scheduled for the next morning. All along I was a wreck, to go or not to go? It was awful, I had been left wondering since Wed. morning, was I pregnant or did I lose my baby? Needless to say, there was very little sleep over those 3 days for me. I cried myself to sleep that night. I awoke the next morning with a feeling of emptiness. However, in an attempt to be strong for Bella, as she can’t stand to see Mommy upset. I held tightly to my faith and reminded myself that God has a reason for everything he does….although I admit, sometimes it’s hard not to ask why?

In the meantime we decided to go ahead with our plans to Hawaii, almost afraid that if I didn’t go I would wind up spending everyday after that curled up in a ball under my covers. Along with the support of my husband, daughter as well as my parents we left for Hawaii as planned. As it turns out, we had a wonderful time and the support of my loving family was the best thing a girl could ever ask for at a time like this.

Slowly but surely I am dealing, and ultimately I know all will be well again soon. I am completely convinced that these bumps in the road of life serve to make us stronger and wiser individuals. It doesn’t mean I don’t cry myself to sleep or that I don’t get angry and that I don’t ask why? After all, I am human.

I am more thankful than words can say for the life of my precious daughter. She is a true blessing never to be taken for granted. When I hear the words “Babies are Miracles” it will forever have a far greater meaning in my book. I firmly believe that babies are a gift from heaven and an amazing work of a gracious and loving God. On behalf of myself, and Kevin we thank you for your heartfelt prayers and support.