Saturday, April 21, 2007

Oh Happy Day!!!

Exactly One Year Ago Today....

This Girl...

and This Guy....

Said "I do."

They are Living...

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to us!

My Love for you is more than words can describe.

You are truly a one of a kind, upstanding guy,

and I am blessed to have you in my life.

You are my best friend in the whole world.

I Love you...xo

JP + KP = True Love

Monday, April 09, 2007

Peeps and Cherry Blossoms

Hola Peeps!

So tell me, how was your Easter holiday? Ours was just super! First things first, we attended an awesome service at church yesterday, where we of course celebrated the Resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. He is Risen indeed! We then spent the afternoon hunting eggs, eating well and visiting with family at Kevin's Dad's house. They live in Jamestown, CA the most adorable little foothill town. A very happy day!

Ok, so speaking of Peeps, I just can't resist the cuteness about them. You might already know that they make Peep everything these days, (stuffed toys, etc.) and that makes me happy! Especially since I am not a huge fan of their sugary, marshmellowy flavor and squishy spongy texture. Can you say choc-o-holic... ah, yes Miss Bella enjoyed every last morsel of chocolate that we weren't able to "save for later" and only so she wouldn't make herself ill eating every piece in the basket. That's my girl. Yesterday was candid really, I couldn't help but marvel at the way it seemed Bella knew exactly what to do. She could have fooled anyone that this was her first "real" Easter, crazy how kids just know these things isn't it? She hunted eggs like a pro, very efficient nonetheless. And the way she tiptoed around the yard filling up her basket was just altogether very sweet. Wouldn't you agree that the innocence of a child can make any holiday that much lovelier.

I had fun crafting the most darling little Spring project on Saturday. Just in time for the Easter holiday. The "how-to" was featured in the April issue of Better Homes and Gardens. I picked up the flowers at Michael's, they were on sale for a buck. This happy little spring pick-me-up is also perfect as a festive centerpiece for any occasion.

Magazine copy compliments of my Mom ;)

Go on make one yourself, it's good for the soul! xo

Friday, April 06, 2007

Oh Happy Day!!!

Hello to you and Happy Friday!!!

I am headed to a little event in Downtown Tracy called "First Friday." It will fall on the first Friday of each month during Spring-Summer. Downtown merchants stay open a bit later, while live music sets the mood. Think something similar to that of a farmers market set-up. How I got involved... So there is a darling little fashion parlor (think all things hip, chic and sparkly) called Blush. After browsing around her shop one day many months ago, Stacey (the owner) and I were chatting about my handbags....the rest is history. She is a super sweet gal and especially savvy business owner. "First Friday" is something new to Tracy all together, and I am thrilled to say that she invited me to join her. In a nut shell, I show up with all my goods, set up a pretty little table and sell my handbags to my hearts content. She offered a pretty sweet deal not to be passed up!

Here is my latest bag, just finished it last night....

On another note, I know I've been talking about this Shabby Chic altered book I am working on. It's a project I will be teaching at Youngplay on June 1st. It's only a thought right now, but I was going to put maybe 2-3 additional kits together for my etsy shop. No directions, just a pretty little coordinating papercrafting style kit. Included would be the old book, papers, laces/ribbons, fabric trims, flowers, etc. Anyhoo, here is a peekie for you.

Well, I am off to Blush, but I have to admit I am a little frazzled. I am still hobbling around while my bum foot heals. Go ahead and say it, you think I'm nuts!....and I'd have to agree with you today. Really though, KP is staying home with Bella. It was my parents who, so graciously volunteered to set up and help me out tonight. That's right, volunteered, they are just too good to me. Mom & guys rock! (and "rock" is a good thing, means you are completely "awesome") And I love you for always wanting the best for me, even today

Speaking of recovering, I am not allowed to remove the bandage until my follow-up appointment next week. I guess I didn't take into account Easter is this coming weekend, bummer....I guess that means no following Bella around with my cam at the Easter egg hunt, I'll have to have to nominate KP to be in charge of that. Also, no pretty shoes for me on Sunday, only this pretty little orthopedic shoe I have to wear!

Finally, I wanted to wish you all a very Happy Easter filled with eggs galore, oodles of candy, Peeps and whatever else you look forward to at this time of year. May you have a blessed holiday with Family and Friends!

Until next time....xo

Monday, April 02, 2007

Polka Dots, Projects and Purses

Hello my sweet lovable friends and family!! This is a quickie post this evening. In the meantime I am actively searching for the time to get back to blogging more often. I really miss it, believe me. It always seems that have so much to say and so little time....anyone else with me here? I haven't even had much time on the computer these days in general, so I apologize in advance to those of you who have blogs that I have been neglecting. Although, back to the computer I shall be for the next 12 weeks. Today was my first day of class with the fabulous Wendy Schulz, and so far so good. A very excited, eager student I am to learn all I can from her wealth of knowledge about the art of photography.

I have been busy working on some new fabulous purses. I even have a third size to the mix. More about all the juicy details next time. But, I will give you just a hint of info....there is good news for you gals, I have lowered my prices especially for etsy. Give me a couple weeks and I should have it all dialed in over there. I have also been working on some class projects for my LSS YoungPlay Memories. Did I mention it is the largest (independently owned) scrapbook store in the world? It's just too fabulous for words, a must visit if you are ever in the Central Valley. Anyhow, these classes I have been working on have given me a great idea. I am thinking of putting together some project kits to sell in my etsy shop. (Like I don't have enough irons in the fire already) I know call me nuts, I deserve! Sadly, I haven't scrapped much lately just for myself, I was really hoping to get some "me" time in this coming weekend? Let's say, oh after the egg hunt on Saturday and in between family dinner's, etc... on second thought, maybe this weekend wont work after all? Well, soon I hope!

I just have to share with you all the most adorable little dress my aunt Sally sent this past weekend. She lives in Southern Ca. and just loves my sweet little Bella more than words can say, and that makes my heart completely happy. I know that she thinks of us often and never fails to keep all of us in her prayers. She is a loyal reader of my blog and I love that she is so involved in our lives. She is a blessing to our family and I just want the world to know how much I love and treasure her. I look forward to seeing Bella all dolled up in this precious dress, thank you so very much!

And finally, I wanted to let you all know that I am having surgery on my right foot tomorrow morning, wish me luck. Not to worry though, it's least I hope so! Thankfully KP is taking the day off to be able to baby me if needed, and believe me I am looking forward to that. I have a cyst on the tendon just above my big toe, ewww. Happy to see it go, I'll keep you all posted.

Sweet dreams...