Monday, April 09, 2007

Peeps and Cherry Blossoms

Hola Peeps!

So tell me, how was your Easter holiday? Ours was just super! First things first, we attended an awesome service at church yesterday, where we of course celebrated the Resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. He is Risen indeed! We then spent the afternoon hunting eggs, eating well and visiting with family at Kevin's Dad's house. They live in Jamestown, CA the most adorable little foothill town. A very happy day!

Ok, so speaking of Peeps, I just can't resist the cuteness about them. You might already know that they make Peep everything these days, (stuffed toys, etc.) and that makes me happy! Especially since I am not a huge fan of their sugary, marshmellowy flavor and squishy spongy texture. Can you say choc-o-holic... ah, yes Miss Bella enjoyed every last morsel of chocolate that we weren't able to "save for later" and only so she wouldn't make herself ill eating every piece in the basket. That's my girl. Yesterday was candid really, I couldn't help but marvel at the way it seemed Bella knew exactly what to do. She could have fooled anyone that this was her first "real" Easter, crazy how kids just know these things isn't it? She hunted eggs like a pro, very efficient nonetheless. And the way she tiptoed around the yard filling up her basket was just altogether very sweet. Wouldn't you agree that the innocence of a child can make any holiday that much lovelier.

I had fun crafting the most darling little Spring project on Saturday. Just in time for the Easter holiday. The "how-to" was featured in the April issue of Better Homes and Gardens. I picked up the flowers at Michael's, they were on sale for a buck. This happy little spring pick-me-up is also perfect as a festive centerpiece for any occasion.

Magazine copy compliments of my Mom ;)

Go on make one yourself, it's good for the soul! xo


lee woodside said...

Bella is just too cute! those photos are just darling.
Love your little creation too.

nicole said...

bella looks just darling in her Easter attire. it looks like she had a wonderful time hunting down eggs.
and your flowered creation is just too perfect.
enjoy your springy weather!

Kimber-Leigh said...

what a great project! I will have to try it!!!
Bella looks just as sweet as can be in her Easter dress!

Anne Thompson said...

Oooh Jilly your pictures are sooo gorgeous, Bella is such an adorable girlie! I am so going to Micheals to pick up some blossoms to make my own little arrangement! Thanx for the idea!

jenny said...

Bella lives up to her name.
What a little sweetie. :)

I am a chocolate fan as well.
Can you believe Ryder doesn't care for it? (!!)
Jellybeans seem to be the fave Easter treat at our house.

Love the spring bouquet.
I have this same magazine & tore out the idea!
I am just not as quick as you. :)

susannah said...

I second everything everyone's already posted. Bella's adorable and that project is awesome. I'm glad you and your family had a happy Easter!

Lynn said...

Gorgeous pictures! What a little sweetie! Love your cute project too! Have a great day!


monkey oranges said...

Don't you just love Easter! Esp when you love taking pictures....the colors are too fun! Your little one is so cute. Where do you find time to do all these crafts?? I think I need lessons in that too!! hehe...I am loving your bags!


jill said...

Such pretty pictures of Bella! And I really want to make one of those spring blossom things. So pretty.

Marie said...

Wonderful pictures!! What kind of camera do you use? I love ur bags they are adorable! The lasting blooms is a wonderfully pretty idea. We must get together sometime! :)