Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tagged & Just for Laughs...

Ooohweee I am feeling awfully chatty tonight!

After my last post, I went to bed running through the days events like I always do, and I had to laugh at myself. You see, to those of your who read my blog, I try to give you a birds eye view of my latest adventure, newest hobby, my life in a nut shell. I know I am a sucker for my sweet Bella Gracey, thank you so much always dropping in and for always indulging me in the wonderful, heartfelt, happy comments you leave. I truly appreciate your loyalty! I have met some on the most marvelous women through my love and joy of scrapbooking, and through the art of blogging, and I want to say with all my heart, you all Rock big in my book!

So back to why I was laughing. If any of you out there can relate, let me know...I was going through the 200 some odd photos I had taken at UOP two days ago. Like most, I handpicked my 3 favorite to showcase. The three where Bella was most composed, "smiling pretty," and otherwise fully cooperating. I chose to show you our most refined moments, what I failed to show you was some of the shots I actually got a bigger kick out of. I think you'll enjoy this. So without further ado here they are each complete with caption:

I call this one angry Bella behind bars.

This next one is sassy Bella with a rather cute little pucker.

This one has a little story of it's own. Does anyone else have a child who is deathly afraid of the vacuum? Or who cannot stand the sound of a noisy lawn mower? Well, I do. The grounds keeping crew was busy at work manicuring the beautiful campus grounds and heaven forbid they use a leaf blower with 50 feet of us, hence the displeased face here!
The final photo is just too funny. We were standing a few feet from a large water fountain display and the water would sometimes splash outward, she is simply catching water droplets on her tongue, that's my girl!!

Allrighty, I had this strong urge to get this out of my system, sometimes the perfectionist in me needs to be liberated. I am going to really challenge myself to see the real side of life more often, it feels good! I tell ya, "poised and proper" isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Two more things before I go. The first being, I was tagged by Kelli to name 6 weird or quirky things about me. So here goes my list:

1. I cannot sleep with out a blanket covering my "exposed" ear. If I sleep on my back then I wrap the blanket around my head to cover both ears, the other night hubs and I joked that I need sleepytime ear muffs--I can see I have already told you too much!!! next...

2. I have a 13" TV in my bathroom, and when I blow dry my hair in the mornings, I must have the closed captioning on as to not miss a thing on either one of the following; GMA, Regis & Kelli, The View, etc. It is my best source of current events since I don't watch much other TV. Except Grey's which is on in 20 min (hurry-hurry!)

3. When I use a public restroom (like my daughter I cannot stand loud noises) I plug my ears when I flush, darn noisy institutional toilets!!

4. I annoyingly know and sing every word to every song on every station, be it country, rock , christian, pop whatever, you name it I probably know it. Poor hubs!

5. Besides that I love sharing all about my life and that of my family, I am actually a very private person, hard to believe I know, but true.

6. Finally, I have this uncontrollable urge to immediately look up a word that I may read or hear and do not know the meaning. I have me a special little link directly to Meriam Webster online. I am a loyal subscriber to MW's word of the day, love to broaden my vocab!!

This brings me to my last and final point tonight, I was reading Nicole's post from the 24th, I panicked when I did not know the meaning of nonplussed, now I had a good idea given the story she was telling, but I would not have been able to recite a definition. So I did what I always do, and here you go:

Nonplus: to cause to be at a loss as to what to say, think, or do.

With that said, be on the look out for future definitions. When I come across a 'new to me' word, I plan to share it with you. That way we can learn together!

Whew, that was a mouthful!!

Almost forgot, I am tagging Nicole, Kimber-Leigh and Jenny!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Peaceful Bliss

Still nice and quiet in my world. Just a whole lot of show and tell going on around here. Been busy digging into some kit goodness the past few days. I have some ideas for a mini album rolling around in my head, thinking that will be my next task. Until then, here are two LO's with my beautiful Jan. Poppy Ink Kit. Loved the gold ric-rac, and really enjoying putting a twist on my own handwriting. I have always avoided my handwriting, and therefore journaling. Ironically, I actually believe journaling to be a super vital part of preserving memories. So with that said, I am challenging myself to go beyond my comfort zone and get my write on. 'Dream with Faith,' was inspired by Jill and her ultra awesome handwriting, I loved the curly-Q style on her recent LO's. Just had to give it a try myself, needless to say I have decided to try it more often.
We took a much needed day out yesterday. My Mom, Bella and I strolled around the UOP campus, it was such a beautiful day to be out and about and the sky was the most vibrant shade of blue. The campus tower never looked so amazing against the sky.

You know me, I never can resist fun photos of little miss Bella, and of course I have to share them with you. It has been so cold lately and yesterday was such fun. Besides, it had been breaking my heart to hear a girl say, "Peas go owside Mama."

Sweet Dreams...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Show and Tell

I am feeling a little quiet today, found myself sitting back today just enjoying some of the little things around me. My Hubs was very sweet Friday night, he took over around here and let me get some LO's completed. More journaling here than I am used to, been trying to push myself to say a bit more in my art. Most of the items are from the January zingBOOM kit. As you will notice, I am hopelesly addicted to scallop edges, always putting a little here and there. Also added some stamping, and glitter for fun.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bella Bag Debut

It's up, one precious little 'Bella Bag' in my etsy shop. It is just too stinkin' cute, I had to pry it out of Bella's hands....ok, not really, but I can tell you if you have a little girl, she is sure to love this sweet and colorful "just her size" little purse. Remember the technical issues I was having with my Singer, well I picked up my new Husqvarna yesterday afternoon and needless to say I am in Heaven, she truly runs like a top! So, I have plans to knock out a few more 'Bella Bags in the next two weeks, each one a little different from the one before. Also, wait until you see the most adorable little apron I have crafted, I hope to get it up tomorrow. I ran out of good lighting for photos today.

Back to working on completing two happy little LO's tonight. One with goodies from the October Poppy Ink kit, and the other from My new January zingBOOM kit. Lot's of paper pushing going on over here tonight, wish me luck!

Until tomorrow....xo

Monday, January 15, 2007

Just for fun...

Woohoo, I finished a LO just for fun today....well actually it took me a good let's see.... 3 or so weeks. Ok, so the real story is this, this photo and many unnamed embellies had been rearranged, removed, left alone, shoved and mangled about somewhere in the vicinity of my kitchen island since two days before Christmas. For just about 3 weeks, I was in a total and complete creative mess over this particular photo, I just didn't think I could do it justice. Silly I know, but true. So here it is, a couple of tidbits from Poppy stuff, but mostly just some good old fashioned product right from the scrap stash. My initial thought was to make it real 'bling-bling' ya know, this is the toned down version, works for me. Just happy it's no longer in the unused corner of my island.

On a different subject, I have just enough skull fabric left to make two more handbags. By the way, thanks to all for the wonderful comments, you girlies really know how to make a girls day! Argh, I have been having technical problems, what's new? I finally had it with my tempermental Singer, (on to plan B) I attempted to complete my many undone projects with an old machine that My Mom recently had serviced, also a Singer which belonged to my Grandmother. You know the heavy-duty, all parts made of steel kind? It's still a great machine nonetheless, and I was lovin' it until I noticed a couple of oil like black marks on the ties of an apron I was working on. The darn gripper feet which help to move the fabric through while stitching are deteriorating, hence the black mark. To make a long story longer, I have purchased a new machine; a Viking Husqvarna---she's a real beauty! Can't wait to get my little grubbies on it, so the good news is, it should be in by Wednesday, hopefully more handbags and even some Bella bags and darling aprons to boot for my etsy shop. I wanted to leave you with a little Peekie of the 'Bella Bag' I have been talking about. So check out my little model, this was all her. Nothing to do on my part, well except when I said come on lets go outside, grab your purse, and just like her Mom she always has one foot out the door, but not without Piggy of course!

Sweet dreams friends!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Something's Different...Skulls, Etsy and A Little White Sharpie

I know this is a bit overdue, but for what it's worth, I'd like to introduce my new Banner! I had been wanting to get one up there forever but afraid to tackle html, I put it off. Well, it was not as hard as I thought it woud be. I think it spruces up my page a bit, and it really makes me happy. I am finally official!
I have also added a link to my etsy shop, so if you have a minute, stop on in to Just One Girl you can link to it here, but also from the sidebar now. That's another thing that's been neglected on my "To Do" List, getting my handbags on Etsy. In a previous post Funtastically Yummy Fabrics I had showcased some of the beautiful fabrics for the Fall bags, and promised to get them up soon, well I have finally done so. I make One of a Kind handbags and sell at my local craft shows and by word of mouth, and by way of walking advertisement, me. Each one completely different from the next. They come in many styles, from formal rich fabrics to hip and the one I have been carrying these days (pictured above), complete with a skull design fabric, rhinestone butterfly brooch, black lace and a "Rock On" pocket snippet from some old jeans. It's very fun, and I'm convinced it's a crowd fav. I have already sold quite a few from my complete Fall collection, there are still a few left in the shop. I plan to get working on some more very soon. As a matter of fact I am introducing a new bag, called the "Bella Bag" after my daughter. (I will be adding a few to my shop in the next several weeks) She just loves to carry around my handbags and since they usually drag behind her, I thought why not make one her size? She absolutely loves it, she fills it with all her little people, squeezes in her favorite stuffed piggy and totes it around the house wherever she goes. She insisted on taking it to the grocery store yesterday, that's my girly girl!!

Some of you were wondering where to get a white Sharpie. Well, back when I was in search of one myself, I looked around locally and had no luck. I ended up finding them online at Discount Office Supplies where they have great customer service and quick shipping!

Happy Hump Day Friends!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Cards for Jaymun

Ok....One more quick update, Jenny has extended the deadline until January 15th, so you still have plenty of time to participate, don't hesitate any longer, go....make your card today. See details below.

ETA: I wanted to post this photo of my card and send bear hugs to baby Jaymun!!
.....Shame on me for not posting this sooner, but I wanted to help out my friend Jenny in her latest mission. I know the deadline of Monday, January 8th is fast approaching, but I thought it couldn't hurt to help her get the word out. Please see Jenny's blog, Farmhouse Flowers for all the details. She has selflessly organized a sweet get well gesture for a darling little boy named Jaymun, who is ill with Leukemia. She is asking for a special handmade card with an positive and uplifting message of hope, please consider participating. Like Jenny said, the more the merrier!

Monday, January 01, 2007

**{HAppY NEw YeaR}**

It has once again been a wonderful year gone by, 2006 was good to me. I have so much to be thankful for and so very much to look forward to in 2007!
Kp and I went to a fabulous New Year's party and this year it was cheers to the 80's! I opted for a more sleek 80's look, with a low side braided do topped off with classic 80's headband, large hoop earrings with rhinestone bling, and chunky bangle bracelets--very stylish! I have been to a few 80's shin digs in my time, and this time there was no neon attire, ratty 'big' hair or the infamous frosty pink listick or electric blue eye shadow in the cards for me. I simply adore Forever 21 for such fun finds and fell in love with this cute little strapless number. Hubby went a bit more authentic and found a vintage AC/DC T and tore up 501's. I just have to tell you, while out thrifting for the goods I stumbled upon an old school Powell Peralta t-shirt. Hubby and I fought over it at first, until we discovered it was a sz small, and of course fit me just right. Hard to believe, but it's true, I always did have a soft spot for the good old bones brigade. I just love finding vintage goodness!

Many wishes for a fantastic and properous 2007 filled with all the Hope, Joy and Peace this new year can hold. Abundant blessings to you in 2007!