Monday, October 23, 2006

Funtastically Yummy Fabrics

Well here they are.... announcing the newest fabrics for my fall handbag line. Ok, so they are somewhat Springy, but I figured we could all use a little sunshine this winter, right? I will be posting photos of the handbags shortly, so you'll have to stay tuned. To my Poppy Ink buddies who like myself, can't resist the message boards. If you liked the owl handbag from the PI message board post Crying in My Beer you're sure to love these one of a kinds! They are handmade (by me, Just a Girl) with love and the really cool thing is that no two are alike. Here's the scoop, I have an upcoming show in mid November and am working around the clock to get as many completed as I can without going insane. For the time being my house is serving major double duty, home sweet home/sewing studio. A special thanks to my mother for her help and support and to my dear hubby and sweet baby girl as they never know what I have in store around here. Lotsa love to you all! Once again, don't forget to check back soon for photos of the new line. It's funtastically yummy!

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