Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tagged & Just for Laughs...

Ooohweee I am feeling awfully chatty tonight!

After my last post, I went to bed running through the days events like I always do, and I had to laugh at myself. You see, to those of your who read my blog, I try to give you a birds eye view of my latest adventure, newest hobby, my life in a nut shell. I know I am a sucker for my sweet Bella Gracey, thank you so much always dropping in and for always indulging me in the wonderful, heartfelt, happy comments you leave. I truly appreciate your loyalty! I have met some on the most marvelous women through my love and joy of scrapbooking, and through the art of blogging, and I want to say with all my heart, you all Rock big in my book!

So back to why I was laughing. If any of you out there can relate, let me know...I was going through the 200 some odd photos I had taken at UOP two days ago. Like most, I handpicked my 3 favorite to showcase. The three where Bella was most composed, "smiling pretty," and otherwise fully cooperating. I chose to show you our most refined moments, what I failed to show you was some of the shots I actually got a bigger kick out of. I think you'll enjoy this. So without further ado here they are each complete with caption:

I call this one angry Bella behind bars.

This next one is sassy Bella with a rather cute little pucker.

This one has a little story of it's own. Does anyone else have a child who is deathly afraid of the vacuum? Or who cannot stand the sound of a noisy lawn mower? Well, I do. The grounds keeping crew was busy at work manicuring the beautiful campus grounds and heaven forbid they use a leaf blower with 50 feet of us, hence the displeased face here!
The final photo is just too funny. We were standing a few feet from a large water fountain display and the water would sometimes splash outward, she is simply catching water droplets on her tongue, that's my girl!!

Allrighty, I had this strong urge to get this out of my system, sometimes the perfectionist in me needs to be liberated. I am going to really challenge myself to see the real side of life more often, it feels good! I tell ya, "poised and proper" isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Two more things before I go. The first being, I was tagged by Kelli to name 6 weird or quirky things about me. So here goes my list:

1. I cannot sleep with out a blanket covering my "exposed" ear. If I sleep on my back then I wrap the blanket around my head to cover both ears, the other night hubs and I joked that I need sleepytime ear muffs--I can see I have already told you too much!!! next...

2. I have a 13" TV in my bathroom, and when I blow dry my hair in the mornings, I must have the closed captioning on as to not miss a thing on either one of the following; GMA, Regis & Kelli, The View, etc. It is my best source of current events since I don't watch much other TV. Except Grey's which is on in 20 min (hurry-hurry!)

3. When I use a public restroom (like my daughter I cannot stand loud noises) I plug my ears when I flush, darn noisy institutional toilets!!

4. I annoyingly know and sing every word to every song on every station, be it country, rock , christian, pop whatever, you name it I probably know it. Poor hubs!

5. Besides that I love sharing all about my life and that of my family, I am actually a very private person, hard to believe I know, but true.

6. Finally, I have this uncontrollable urge to immediately look up a word that I may read or hear and do not know the meaning. I have me a special little link directly to Meriam Webster online. I am a loyal subscriber to MW's word of the day, love to broaden my vocab!!

This brings me to my last and final point tonight, I was reading Nicole's post from the 24th, I panicked when I did not know the meaning of nonplussed, now I had a good idea given the story she was telling, but I would not have been able to recite a definition. So I did what I always do, and here you go:

Nonplus: to cause to be at a loss as to what to say, think, or do.

With that said, be on the look out for future definitions. When I come across a 'new to me' word, I plan to share it with you. That way we can learn together!

Whew, that was a mouthful!!

Almost forgot, I am tagging Nicole, Kimber-Leigh and Jenny!


Kelly said... your 6 things...I remember the words to every song too and it totally drives my hubby crazy! ha!
And my Jackson was terrified of the vaccuum too...and then he became obsessed with it, so we had to get him his own! ;)

nicole said...

amelia hates the vaccuum with a passion, as well as the kitchen mixer...which is odd because she doesn't mind the loud coffee grinder. weird?
i used to be a vocab fanatic too. guess i need to get back into that! =)

susannah said...

Very funny 6 things. I feel like I know a little too much about you now!(especially the covers thing) LOL!
I think you should scrap the pic. of Bella at the fountain. It's adorable!
I love vocabulary as well. It's the nerdy side of me- can't help it! I have the book "The Words You Should Know" and I love it!

Misty Posey said...

Your daughter is a doll, love the photos!

Kimber-Leigh said...

#4 makes me laugh...mostly because one of my dear friends is famous for singing along with every song...even if she uses the wrong words!

and i managed to narrow my list of quirky things about me to 6 :) can see them now!

Anne Thompson said...

It's so funny to hear other peoples quirks! And the pictures of Bella were too funny!

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOHHHHHHH my goodness what have I missed whilst preparing the kids for school!!!How much fun was this to read.I sing to!!!But I used to sing whilst dancing at nightclubs plus the actions............far to cool!!!!I cover my ear to but thats because I'm scared of ghosts!!!Your to cute!! And the photos are just adorable as usual!!!!
xoxo nicole Irvin

Latharia said...

I was cracking up over "angry Bella behind bars!"