Friday, April 06, 2007

Oh Happy Day!!!

Hello to you and Happy Friday!!!

I am headed to a little event in Downtown Tracy called "First Friday." It will fall on the first Friday of each month during Spring-Summer. Downtown merchants stay open a bit later, while live music sets the mood. Think something similar to that of a farmers market set-up. How I got involved... So there is a darling little fashion parlor (think all things hip, chic and sparkly) called Blush. After browsing around her shop one day many months ago, Stacey (the owner) and I were chatting about my handbags....the rest is history. She is a super sweet gal and especially savvy business owner. "First Friday" is something new to Tracy all together, and I am thrilled to say that she invited me to join her. In a nut shell, I show up with all my goods, set up a pretty little table and sell my handbags to my hearts content. She offered a pretty sweet deal not to be passed up!

Here is my latest bag, just finished it last night....

On another note, I know I've been talking about this Shabby Chic altered book I am working on. It's a project I will be teaching at Youngplay on June 1st. It's only a thought right now, but I was going to put maybe 2-3 additional kits together for my etsy shop. No directions, just a pretty little coordinating papercrafting style kit. Included would be the old book, papers, laces/ribbons, fabric trims, flowers, etc. Anyhoo, here is a peekie for you.

Well, I am off to Blush, but I have to admit I am a little frazzled. I am still hobbling around while my bum foot heals. Go ahead and say it, you think I'm nuts!....and I'd have to agree with you today. Really though, KP is staying home with Bella. It was my parents who, so graciously volunteered to set up and help me out tonight. That's right, volunteered, they are just too good to me. Mom & guys rock! (and "rock" is a good thing, means you are completely "awesome") And I love you for always wanting the best for me, even today

Speaking of recovering, I am not allowed to remove the bandage until my follow-up appointment next week. I guess I didn't take into account Easter is this coming weekend, bummer....I guess that means no following Bella around with my cam at the Easter egg hunt, I'll have to have to nominate KP to be in charge of that. Also, no pretty shoes for me on Sunday, only this pretty little orthopedic shoe I have to wear!

Finally, I wanted to wish you all a very Happy Easter filled with eggs galore, oodles of candy, Peeps and whatever else you look forward to at this time of year. May you have a blessed holiday with Family and Friends!

Until next time....xo


susannah said...

Love the book and the purses. I hope you sold a bunch! Sounds like fun. I hope your foot feels all better soon and have a very Happy Easter my friend!

lee woodside said...

Jilly girl these are both gorgeous! I am so ordering on of those bags really soon.
Happy Easter.

Anne Thompson said...

Ooh, the purse is so cool! Love the colors, you are so talented! And that book is super cute. Can't wait to see the inside! Hope you have a wonderful Easter also, and hope your foot feels al better soon!

nicole said...

hope friday was wonderful! off to check out etsy!
smiles, nlg

Anonymous said...

Wow your so clever!!I'm really confused now though???I thought california was near a beach and not near san fransisco?HHmmmm I can see I will have to consult a atlas! Love the handbags and the altered book!As I said your very clever!!Maybe now we should call you hop along jillian!!!It goes well with easter to!!
xoxox nicole i

Kimber-Leigh said...

Happy Easter Jillian!
Oh my goodness...I am in love with that it still available??? Love the cameo detail! So excited for the selling opportunity! Hope it goes well all spring...And speaking of your "bum foot", has the numbness worn off yet???

Tamara Nicole said...

Very cute bag! Good to see people branching out with other crafts!!! Keep it up :-)