Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Just Having Fun!

Ah yes, I have been busy....busy in general, some things never change. But there is always time for fun, after all it is rule #1. So, all three of us went out and about to work on completing assignment #3, for my photography class. Here is proof...

So tell me, (aside from the cutie model) don't you just love my fabulous metal chair? Perfect "prop" for photography wouldn't you agree?

Last week my dear friend Corie called me while out running her errands, she had just left her neighborhood and spotted a pile of what looked to be items that a neighbor would be getting rid of. She told me that on her way back home, if he was still out working/cleaning his garage she would ask, that if he was throwing it away, could she have it. She explained to me that it had my name written all over it, she knew with my "craftiness" that I'd be able to give it a new life, paint it pretty, etc..

Much to my delight, she was able to snag this old chair for me, and warned that it was in need of TLC. Later that day I stopped by her house to pick it up, and I was beyond thrilled at just how "me" it truly was. I LOVED it at first sight. It is the most beautifully distressed piece of turquoise metal on earth. Gift's like this are one in a million, thanks Corie! I promise to give it all the TLC in the world, but I think I'll leave it just the way it is.


leewoodside said...

Hey girl great to see you checking in!
Love love love these pics.

staceyfike said...

i love those pics!
glad to see you back!!

susannah said...

Cute model and chair! Great pics!

nicole said...

can't argue with how cute the model is...and the chair rocks. the people in my neck of the woods actually do get rid of junk...so i've never been that lucky! enjoy the find!!!

Kimber-Leigh said...

love the color of the chair! and the little girl sitting on it--what a cutie-pie!

jenny ress said...

There's Miss Bella!
Love her pose, the cool background, that chair.

If that chair ever goes missing, DO NOT look in Wisconsin for it...whatever you do.


Anne Thompson said...

Hey girlfriend! So excited to see a post! Bella is absolutely gorgeous! She has such a sweet little smile, she looks like a lot of fun! And that chair is fabulous, I love the turquiose!

Maggie Holmes said...

very cute! and i love the chair!!