Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Vintage Stride Rite...Circa 1978

While visiting my Mom sometime last week, she handed to me an old Stride Rite shoe box. She had been organizing some cabinets in her house and found these old shoes of mine. I opened the box with a sentimental sort of feeling inside. They were adorable, I thought. I immediately had to try them on my daughter, they were a perfect fit! "You could probably sell those on e-bay" she said. After looking the shoes over pretty closely, I sort of chuckled and said "What would my item description say...Vintage Stride Rite, Right Shoe Missing Buckle, Circa 1978." We both smiled and proceeded to document the moment. I just couldn't wait to scrap it. The top photo is a close-up of the infamous shoes. I don't care what e-bay says they are worth...I will forever keep them as they are more valuable to me than dollars and cents.

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AnneMarie said...

funny, I don't have shoes from my childhood but my mom kept so many dresses!! my kids wear my clothes all the time... and now my oldest will wear my fall dress that I wore at her age... and I already have her Easter dress for next spring :)

I was too hard on my shoes as a child :)