Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Trip Back in Time

Seven years later, and it hadn't changed a bit. I never realized just how strange I would feel pulling back into town. I immediately thought about all the great times I had back in the day. I was feeling a cross between happy and sad, almost melancholy. I can't begin to explain my college days... but I knew that while I was there for this short visit, there were a few places I had to see again for sure. After lunch at La Familia, (love those huge meal size tostadas) we headed through town. Our first stop was by Sigma Kappa. I just had to snap a photo of my good old sorrority house. We took a drive by the old Beta house just for kicks. The yellow house on third, and the porch was just as I remembered it... adorned with beer bottles and party paraphenelia galore. We couldn't forget Riley's or 5 & I either. It was off to Lulu's next, my favorite trendy little boutique on Main in beautiful downtown Chico. Of course I couldn't leave without a souvenier, an infamous Lulu's T-shirt, and a few other must haves. Our last stop was the campus. As beautiful as ever and of course just as I had remembered it. All I could think was "Welcome to Mommy's college Bella." Boy was my mind racing to capture a moment in time, any random moment from my good old college days. Ok, so Chico State was a wonderful time in my life, something I'll have forever. It was good to be back that day, the familar sound of the town and the campus made it seem like just yesterday. The many memories I made at Chico are no doubt, beyond measure. Thanks CSUC!!

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