Thursday, July 26, 2007

been working....

Remember that backyard Oasis I spoke about back in *eeeek* March, well it has certainly been a work in progress. *insert excuse here* Of course, in between a gazillion other life and household happenings we are managing to get it completed all of 4 months later. The stone wall is about complete, here are a few photos from this past weekend. Thankfully my Mom grabbed the camera, which reminds me.... a huge thank you to my Mom, Dad, brother Tyler and his sweet girlfriend Linda. They never fail to pull through for us, even when it means working in 90+ degree weather to help us get this finished. As you can see, even Bella helped when she could.

Disclaimer: I know that flip flops aren't exactly "working" shoes, but my footie is still recovering from surgery back in April and extremely sensitive to closed toed shoes yet. That being said, please do not try this type of work with out proper protective gear and attire ;)

Loads of work yes, but I have to say that I have truly enjoyed just about everyday this past week working right along side hubs, knee deep in mortar. We are now official "do-it-yourselfers." I tell you what, it is hard work, but the time and energy (and sweat) is well worth the accomplishment. I cannot wait to unveil the results. The sod will go in on Saturday morning, and then we will have all next week to get the rest all dialed in. Can you tell I am really looking forward to soaking up the fruits of our labor. I hate to say it, but somehow an event like Bella's 2nd birthday bash (weekend after this) is usually what it will take for us to switch our game into high gear. It's true, we work best under pressure :)

So, just in case you wondered where I'd been or better yet, what I've been up to; well here you have it. Been busy busting my tush outdoors.

That's it for now. Take care friends and sweet dreams.

Until next time. xo


Anonymous said...

LOL Jillian!!!!This reminds me of my house!!! We are constantly working to make it better!!I havent dared venture in the garden yet far to cold!!!
hugs my sweet nicole irvin

jenny ress said...

Seeing that photo of The Paddack Family hard at work made me smile.

What time am I supposed to arrive for the big backyard unveiling? ;)

I did.
I noticed the "inappropriate shoe attire" right away.
I just shook my head & thought to myself: "Those California Girls..."

Have a great weekend!

Anne Thompson said...

oooh that's going to look sooo cool! Lookin forward to the final result pics!!

nicole said...

yep, you guys way surpass us with the "do-it-yourself" tactics. don't even ask me what hubs did trying to fix the lawn-mower. eek. don't worry - he isn't quitting his daytime job anytime soon. ;-)

Gillian said...

Just found your blog... LOVE it! I especially LOVE LOVE LOVE your July 4th banner! Beyond fab! Hey, I'm a Gillian too, but with a "G". Life would have been so much easier if my mom would have spelled it with a "J"! lol

Kimber-Leigh said...

looks like the hard work will pay off...can't wait to see the before and afters :)