Monday, July 09, 2007

creating LOVE-lies...

Just a little of what I have been up to...


and Bella's birthday invites

and special order for purses :)

and class projects

just another day I've spent knee deep in fabric and paper....

On that note, please tell me there is someone else out there like me? You know who you are. You that begins a project, gets side-tracked and somehow antsy to begin another. Walks away from the first one for an undisclosed (usually short) amount of time, dabbles a little here and there with other creative goodness, and then faithfully comes back to the first unfinished project only to begin the cycle all over again. Anyone, anyone... please tell me you are out there??? and don't tell me this is what they call ADD?? lol ;)

Happy Monday friends.... and as always sweet dreams!


leewoodside said...

Hey sweetie! I was only just thinking about you today. Love what you have been up too.
Oh yes... you should see how many projects I have on the go at the moment..... at least 6! (that I can think of)
Have a great week.

jenny said...

You amaze me. :)

Is that what they call it? LOL

Since I have not done any scrapbooking (insert huge sigh here) in a very long time, I can't respond to that.

When I used to do Cross Stitch, I often had this same "issue".
Always anxious to jump to that next project.

Have a great week! :)

I can't wait to see Miss Bella's invites.

Anne Thompson said...

We are having that problem right now with renovating our house! We start something, get a little bored, and start something else! I think I need to plan a full week to finish up all those projects so our home will finally come together! Sounds like you have some fun things on the go!

gloria said...

it's called
creative ADD.
and i think a lot of us are right there with you on that!!

love the scrappies!!

miss morgan... said...

waaaaaaay cute! is that transparency extending past the edge of the book? so awesome!

kathleen said...

LOVE what you've been up to Jillian! You've been busy my friend : )