Friday, December 29, 2006

*MeRRy & bRigHt* Christmas Wishes

First of all, I would like to say that I hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas. I know, I am 5 days late, and I'd like to say that I had every intention to send my wishes on or before Christmas Day, however I came down with an awful cold, turned Flu. So, needless to say I have been feeling under the weather and not so chipper at the keyboard. Believe it or not, but I am still battling this nasty monster and I sure can't wait to kick it. What a fabulous way to end the year, argh!

On another note, I have so much to discuss (like my new banner, my etsy shop, etc.) I think I will save it for next time, so fair warning peeps next post shall be quite lengthy and all over the board.

For today I want to leave you with a couple of LO's from the Poppy Ink, Nearly Noel kit. I really loved this kit, and I extra super loved that the colors were not traditional Christmassy colors of Red's and Green's. Love those too, but the feeling that this was a bit risky for me made it sooooo very fun! Of course I nabbed all the add on's too--how could I resist all the yummy bling?

It's true, Bella & I have been in our PJ's for the last week straight, except for Christmas that is. (See cutie Patootie in PJ's above) We finally got all gussied up today all to find out that we still weren't feeling quite 100% yet, oh well, there's always tomorrow....but this photo sure makes it all better!

Until then, much happy goodness.


jenny said...

Love the layouts -- you rocked the kit! I too was happy that the kit was non-traditional. :)

You have a beautiful family & I love the way you used the angel wings!

Bella is adorable. I just might have to show her cutie pic to my youngest, Kole. ;0

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work as usual!!! Sorry to hear you were so sick....wondered what was up stalking your blog and no activity!!! Well I'm at the opposite end to you! I am so badly sunburnt that I have fluid oozzing out of my skin and these fantastic racoon eyes....I'm weeping I feel so sorry for myself.
love to you nicole irvin

staceyfike said...

feel better soon!
love the lo's and bella is adorable!!
happy new year!!

lee woodside said...

Your work is just beautiful.

laura vegas said...

love what you did with the poppy ink kit! i'm in manteca too and was so upset that i got my kit over a week after you (saw it over on the PI board). and yet after being so impatient to get it ... i havn't even touched it yet! lol!

zingBOOM said...

Wow, GORGEOUS layouts!!! :)