Friday, December 01, 2006

Hot Chocolate Anyone?

I have joined my fellow Poppy Pals in the Advent of Ornaments, here is #1. Wouldn't you agree that it is the most beautiful cup of Hot Chocolate you've ever seen? It was one of my first glass ornaments when I began to decorate my own home. Growing up, we would pack our Christmas Tree full of almost 200 ornaments. Just about all were delicate glass beauties, they were My Mother's favorite. Of course I would enjoy it all Holiday long, and it was always more beautiful each year. (I am not even going to mention that part about how we had several Christmas trees of all sizes in just about every room of the house). Oh how I used to dread the packing away part after Christmas, it seemed like it would take forever to wrap each individual ornament. Funny how life comes full circle, after hubby and I decorated the tree this year I said to myself, "I think I have become my mother!" I didn't even ask what he thought, some things are better left unsaid! My best memory so far this year, he and Bella sat next to the tree and unwrapped each ornament while I hung them. It was so stinkin cute each time he had just about unwrapped the ornament, she stood over him eagerly waiting to see it and faithfully followed each time with the most precious ooooh's and ahhhs! It was priceless! I do look forward to seeing her very own Christmas Tree someday....until then I am sure she will be a handy little helper the same way I used to. She is truly a girl after my own heart!

Happy Friday to all!!!


jill said...

That hot chocolate looks so yummy!

Anonymous said...

so pretty!