Wednesday, November 22, 2006

**HAppY THaNkSgiViNg**

Ahh, the hustle and bustle that accompanies me this time every's great isn't it? KP and I are hosting the feast this year, and we have 20 people, including ourselves coming over! Did I mention that Thanksgiving is my all time favorite holiday, and how much I love that house-full feeling, family, fellowship, fun and fabulously tasty food. It all comes together just right when you look around and pause to remember all that you have you be thankful for, you silently look to God and thank him for the abundant blessings he has so graciously provided throughout the year. During this time of year I am reminded of just fortunate I am, for everything I have. My family, my health, my home--the things most important to me. God is my rock, my solid foundation for life. He is a good God, loving and forgiving. Thank you Lord for being the gracious, loving awesome God you are, I thank you for guiding my life and walking with me each day.

A Happy Thanksgiving to all, I wish for you a wonderful holiday with family and friends!

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